Your entry makes a difference. 100% of donations received from this tournament will go towards the World Health Organization to aid the fight against COVID-19.

This is a 1-versus-1 free-for-all tournament. Players will be sorted into rooms of 12 players to battle it out for a position in the top 6. After 2 GPs (8 races), the top 6 highest scorers will move on to the next round while the bottom 6 are eliminated, and the process will repeat until the grand finals. The Grand Finals will be 3 GPs (12 races) long and the top 3 scorers will receive the following prizes:

1st – £20 Amazon gift card + 1 month of Discord Nitro
2nd – £10 Amazon gift card + 1 month of Discord Nitro
3rd – 1 month of Discord Nitro



I. General
a. Players must have a verified friend code on the Mario Kart Boards registry to play in this tournament.
To check if you have one, click here. If you don’t have one, click here. Once you complete the steps, sign up for this tournament below on this page.
b. CTGP users only, no ISO users. Free choice of tracks, vehicles, characters, and controllers.
c. Each round will consist of 2 GPs (8 races). Grand Finals will be 3 GPs (12 races).
d. Track repicks are -20 points to an individual’s score and tracks reset each round. Track repicks are defined as picking a track that has already been played in your room.
f. A player’s total score will be the total points they scored in the 2 GPs (8 races) during their round.
g. Players who disconnect will receive +3 points per race missed.
h. Rooms prior to the finals are selected based on RNG.
i. In each round, players have 10 minutes to join the room after the start time. Failure to join the room within the allotted time will result in an automatic disqualification.

To read the entire ruleset, please click here.


Before registering, please read the ruleset above.
The tournament will begin on Sunday, May 3rd at 12PM Eastern Time / 5pm UK Time, and will last approximately 5 hours total including the Grand Finals.

To view the registry for this tournament, click here.

Note: When paying via PayPal, it will say “Ship to” address. Nothing will be shipped to you, it’s simply collecting your address for billing purposes. There will be no refunds for donations.