4-5 APRIL 2020



In July 2019, New Leaf eSports came together and hosted the first UK competitive Mario Kart tournament – Embrace the Change. We gathered our local communities and international players together to enjoy what we love and meet people who we have been talking to and playing games with online. We embarked on this journey with one overarching vision – to help build healthier gaming communities to support a hobby we all share. This April 2020, we are bringing you the next chapter in this journey. Embrace II will be a continuation of competitive energy and embracing the power of bringing players together. This event will span over 2 days with two double elimination events (singles and doubles) with exciting prizes for all entrants to have a chance to win. Beyond the Mario Kart 8 Deluxe tournament competition, we will be organising fun socials open to all participants and we encourage everyone to join in!


Embrace II is a double-elimination style tournament (Winners and Losers) with a Singles bracket (1v1v1v1v1v1v1v1) and a Doubles bracket (2v2v2v2). Participants will be sorted into rooms of 8 players, battling it out until Grand Finals. Players will be allowed to ban one track from being played during their round.

This tournament is BYOC (Bring Your Own Controller). We ask you to please bring your own controller to the tournament so you can play with the controller of your choice. If you are unable to bring your controller, you will play with a singular Joycon.

In order to enter the building, you must purchase a Player’s Pass in order to take part in the tournament, and a Spectator’s Pass in order to hang out in the building.

To read the full ruleset, please click here.

1st Place – £75 eShop credit + a custom handpainted GCN controller + trophy
2nd Place – £50 eShop credit + trophy
3rd Place – £25 eShop credit + trophy

1st Place – £25 eShop credit + trophy for each player


Round 1 and Round 2 of Singles and Doubles will take place on the first day of this tournament, while Round 3 (Loser’s Final) and Grand Finals of Singles and Doubles will take place on Day 3.

Alongside the tournament, we will have another room where we’ll hold a Smash Ultimate sandbag contest on Day 1, and a combos contest on Day 2! These contests will serve as a pastime and you will be able to join in on them at any given time. The prize for setting the highest record in these contests will be a treat from our staff!

We will be asking all participants to arrive by 10:45am both days, and the tournament will commence at 11am. There will be snacks and drinks provided, and a 1-hour break at around 3pm. The tournament will end at 7pm both days. We will also be organising fun social dinners and hang outs for all participants who are interested around the tournament and excursions for anyone who shows interest. These extras will be planned closer to the day!

Upon purchasing a pass, you agree to the tournament rules and understand that they may be changed at any time. There will be no refunds.

If you are under the age of 18, you may also bring your parent/guardian with you for free.

Once we hit 32 players and 10 spectators, registrations will close.

Embrace II will be taking place at the Signal Box in Cambridge, UK, just a 10 minute walk from the Cambridge station.

Player’s Pass

Grants a player entry into the building. Once you're in the building, you may register to any tournament competition for both days. Please print your PayPal payment confirmation email or save the email to show us upon entry.


Spectator’s Pass

Grants a spectator entry into the building. If you want to see the action but don't want to play, this is perfect for you! Please print your PayPal payment confirmation email or save the email to show us upon entry.